Tuesday, August 23, 2016

P04R Streamline Test

2004 P04 R Stream lines Test with Ansys CFD. 12 years After I have designed this car I have put CAD model to CFD test to see how well I fared back then. Car generated slightly more drag than any of my rear mid engined designs but has a pretty good lift to drag ratio of -2.95:1. This specific P04 R has 2 different cooling configuration that tested model has radiators placed forward front wheel axis, second configuration has its radiators placed inside the sidepods fed via ducting from front. Wind and ground speed is at 70m/s (252 km/h) and wheels are rotating relative to ground speed, Animation does not have rotating wheels due to analysis was made with steady state condition, all stream lines were captured at the same time interval.

You can find more information on This blog post.