Tuesday, March 24, 2015

P49 Chassis as 3-22-2015

Chassis for FEA is almost complete as of 3-22-2015. Remaining job for the my thesis are FEA test of the complete chassis and CFD test of the preliminary bodywork. I have been trying to find a license for a CFD program I wasn't able to but then suddenly I have found SimScale (https://simscale.com/_en/), a cloud based analysis program which offers 1000 hours/year educational license, perfect for my thesis project since I have been living on fumes of my past savings.

My Target, till May 2015, is to finish the FEA test of the Complete chassis and at least complete 2 CFD test for bodywork in order to finish my thesis project then I can concentrate on the car more after I graduate from the university. Yet there are lots of things to do such as suspensions, uprights, rear trans-axle (which is probably going to be attached to Galmer designed rear hub). So far I have been progressing really slow due to real life conditions, going back to study from work life definitely drains my economy and couple when you made couple bad deals and don't get paid, you end up wasting time (in this case 2 months) and money.

Additional notes on chassis: weight so far is 112.3 kg, survival cell torsional rigidity is 27540 N-m/degree (earlier version had 25430N-m/degree), roll cage compiles with FIA safety standards and maximum deflection is not more than 9 mm on roll cage test according to FIA Appendix J to the International Sporting Code - Article 253 Safety Equipment 2015, FIA Appendix K to the International Sporting Code 2015. Soon I will be releasing more data on the car April will be a really busy month for me with exams and a mandatory medical examination which is basically 15 days of wasted time.