Saturday, December 5, 2015

P49 CFD results (4 runs)

I have made total of 4 CFD runs as I have find time to use Ansys License, Lift and Drag values at 252 km/h (70 m/s) are in order (Units are in kgf):

1. Run ( early model no inlets condition)
Overall Drag: 186.230 kg-f
Overall Lift: -323.158 kg-f

2. Run ( early model inlets are open)
Overall Drag: 177.916 kg-f
Overall Lift: -213.253 kg-f

3. Run ( slightly modified model inlets open)
Overall Drag: 231.436 kg-f
Overall Lift: -374.083 kg-f

4. Run ( model hasn't changed but aerodynamic components were adjusted such as wing height, turning vane angles, and rear diffuser plates... etc)
Overall Drag: 228.747 kg-f
Overall Lift: -407.618 kg-f

As a result with some aerodynamic adjustments on the car drag reduction is possible with some downforce gain. There will be 2 more runs for 2 different models in the future. mos of the downforce on the car is generated by the rear diffuser and front diffuser secondary to the rear diffuser. Some of the parts needs to be optimized such as front diffuser that supplies too much airflow into the body that some of the air spills from front wheel arches which kind of my problem for the time being rest of the car works fine with some excessive drag that i am trying to reduce without loosing too much of the downforce. Downforce levels of the car is quite high relative to its drag, yet still needs to be optimized.

P.S. I must admit this is not a detailed report on aero data of the car But I would like to keep detailed data to myself for the time being.